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Casting and Your Game’s Success

The current issue of Game Developer has a terrific post-mortem about Tellltale Games’ The Walking Dead; somewhat surprisingly, even this mature game development shop struggles with casting and directing audio scripts, costing them hugely and resulting in re-casting and re-recording.

Chapter 23 of End to End Game Development discusses media production, including casting and audio production of scripted dialog. We absolutely recommend going with SAG-AFTRA talent; the Guild has a specific contract for videogame recording.

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Videogame Dialog Scripts – Formatting and Production

Sometimes it takes awhile to catch up on one’s reading, but Jesse Harlin’s Aural Fixation column in the November 2011 edition of Game Developer succinctly summarizes some of the issues involved with scripting, producing and integrating voice actor content in videogames — a topic rarely discussed, although definitely one covered in End to End Game Development as well as the authors’ earlier book Story and Simulations in Serious Games.

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