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Story and Simulations for Serious Games

Interested in a more detailed overview of how to combine narrative with gameplay? Wondering if classic Hollywood storytelling techniques might apply to the creation of serious games and simulations? Check out our first book for Focal Press, Story and Simulations for Serious Games, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Focal Press.

Nick Iuppa

Nick Iuppa

Nick Iuppa has 40 years experience as a production executive, writer and interactive designer for entertainment and industry. Recently Nick completed an 11-year stint with Paramount Pictures where he served as Vice President and Creative Director of Paramount Digital Entertainment.¬† For more about Nick…

Terry Borst

Terry Borst

End to End Game Development is the second book Terry Borst has co-authored on the subject of serious game and simulation development, based on his narrative scripting and design work in the field during the decade. For more about Terry…


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  1. […] Nick Iuppa and Terry Borst have written a new book, End to End Game Development, to be published this December by Focal Press. The title provides comprehensive information on making a game, from top to bottom…er, end to end. […]

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