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Free browser-based 3D creation tools

Virtools has always been a little pricey for low-budget serious games and simulations, but now the owners of Virtools have released a completely online 3D studio for creating “complex, interactive games, simulations, serious games and web-based applications.”

Get more information here at Gamasutra, and visit the Studio homepage for downloads, documentation and more.

Announced at GDC 2010, these software tools offer significant promise for low-budget serious game and sim prototyping and building, and we’re hoping this opens the door for useful new applications.


Free 3D Game Engines

Great news for simulation and serious game developers:  several high-caliber game engines have changed their licensing agreements so that independent and educational developers can use the engines for free.  These include:

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Synapse to Screen 1.0

Co-author Terry Borst will be speaking and presenting at the first annual Synapse to Screen Conference being held in conjunction with the Santa Fe Film Festival on Wednesday, December 3. The conference looks at media content creation tools, and pre-production and production tools. Continue reading

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