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A Night at Barnes & Noble – Santa Monica

Barnes and Noble book panel - May 19Following the book panel and signing at Barnes & Noble on Wed., May 19 (for Write Your Way Into Animation and Games), from left to right: Jeannie, who was good enough to buy a book; contributing author Carolyn Miller; yours truly (contributing author Terry Borst); our moderator Susan Spohr; and contributing author Jean Ann Wright. A few signed copies of End to End Game Development are also available in this Barnes & Noble.


Free 3D Engines Cropping Up Everywhere

As this article lays out, free access to 3D game engines is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Crytek is joining the group with its CryEngine 3 platform, joining Unity and Epic (proprietors of Unreal) .  Unity Indie started the ball rolling late last year and the Unreal Development Kit quickly followed.

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April 2 – ArtsLab UNM

Just a reminder about co-author Terry Borst’s Digital Lunch presentation on the book’s central topic at UNM ArtsLab Mon., April 2, 12 noon.

Listen to ‘Cinemascope’ book discussion

Even if you missed the live broadcast of the half-hour interview with co-author Terry Borst on KSFR-FM’s ‘Cinemascope‘, you can listen here to the audio recording. Just click on the embedded MP3 link to stream the interview.  Learn more about the book and its co-author.

‘End to End…’ spotlighted on KSFR’s Cinemascope Fri., Mar.26

End to End Game Development will be discussed as part of the half-hour radio program ‘Cinemascope‘, broadcast by Santa Fe’s KSFR-FM, on Friday, March 26 at 6:30pm (Mountain time).

You can stream the show live, even if you’re outside the broadcast area.

Co-author Terry Borst will discuss some of the issues the book addresses, and that content developers are grappling with currently.

Listen live if you can; we’ll do our best to make an MP3 recording of the broadcast available in the near future.

Speaking at UNM ArtsLab April 2

Co-author Terry Borst will be speaking at the University of New Mexico’s ArtsLab Friday, April 2 at noon, as part of their ongoing Digital Lunch series.

The topic will be End to End endGame Development, published by Focal Press.  The talk will include a quick sampling of serious game output, and discuss some of the unique issues faced by developers of serious games, persuasive games and simulations.

If you find yourself in Albuquerque on that date, please come!

Free browser-based 3D creation tools

Virtools has always been a little pricey for low-budget serious games and simulations, but now the owners of Virtools have released a completely online 3D studio for creating “complex, interactive games, simulations, serious games and web-based applications.”

Get more information here at Gamasutra, and visit the Studio homepage for downloads, documentation and more.

Announced at GDC 2010, these software tools offer significant promise for low-budget serious game and sim prototyping and building, and we’re hoping this opens the door for useful new applications.

Free 3D Game Engines

Great news for simulation and serious game developers:  several high-caliber game engines have changed their licensing agreements so that independent and educational developers can use the engines for free.  These include:

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A quickie roundup of serious games

A nice round-up of some serious games. We’re still awaiting a finalized book cover, and proofing the manuscript, headed for December publication.

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