Game Developer Magazine to Cease Print and Digital Publication

The news that Game Developer magazine is ceasing print and digital publication is quite sad. Sure, Gamasutra will be publishing some of the content that has historically appeared in Game Developer — but it’s not going to be the same.

The demise of Game Developer is indicative of the financial pressures on trade publications in nearly every industry, and on content development as a whole. What compels anyone to create compelling content when the financial rewards continue to dwindle? This is a much larger question that all of us will be grappling with in the years ahead.

Game Developer emerged around the time we were scripting and developing content for Wing Commander III (and that’s a long time ago!). Moving from PC games running on Intel 486 chips, to the first generation of 32-bit consoles, to the later generations of Playstation and then Xbox, to the Wii, to browser-based games, to free-to-play, social and mobile — Game Developer covered all the changes in the industry, providing insightful development post-mortems, field-specific columns, industry surveys, and so much more.

While the totality of Game Developer‘s coverage might be duplicated across multiple distributed channels (and we’re dubious about that), its centrality to the game development community will be sorely missed.

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