Original iPad Serious Games and Simulations?

We’d love to hear about any ongoing iPad serious game or simulation development from our readers.  We’re aware of repurposing or porting over of iPhone apps to the iPad (an example here), including anecdotal discussions from recent app conferences — but are there new applications being developed that specifically take advantage of the form factor and interface?

Recently, a production company rolled out several interactive short films made specifically for the iPad, and this seems to be a very promising kind of application for soft skills simulations (human resources, customer interactions, etc.).  But leave a comment or get in touch for any bulletins from the front!


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  1. Chris Brannigan on

    Hi there
    We are currently developing immersive sims on the iPad and iPhone for two clients in the military and healthcare sectors. These are slated to be demonstrated in September. We’ve noticed a big increase in demand enquiries for smartphone and now tablet sims from Federal Gov, energy, military, utility and healthcare sectors. As a consequence we are enhancing the Thinking Worlds authoring platform to publish direct onto iPad, iPhone and Android platforms. This will go live at the I/ITSEC conference later this year.

    • tborst on

      Not surprised that Thinking Worlds is on the cutting edge of iPad sims, and the T.W. user experience feels like a good fit for the iPad. Great to hear that the T.W. authoring platform will publish directly to the iPad.

  2. Ken Loh on


    We recognize that iPad’s form factor and user interface made it an ideal platform for a location-based serious game. Therefore, we have recently developed a Location Based Game Engine for Serious Games. At present, we have designed and launched “History Quest”. It is an enrichment game which focus on Singapore’s History and it is targeted for high school students in Singapore.

    The game places participants in the role of detectives, that must travel back in time to foil the plans of an evil scientist, who intends to distort Singapore’s history. The game play involves players traveling to different significant historical sites, led by the game software. When they reach each historical site, they will be provided with information about its historical significance. After that, they will have to solve a series of quizzes relating to the information or the physical environment, and the results of these quizzes will determine the outcome of the game.

    Please feel free to visit our website for more information of the game: http://www.lancealpha.com.

    LanceAlpha a Singapore-based company and we are also currently exploring opportunities to license our game engine overseas. We would welcome any interested parties to contact us.

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