Free 3D Engines Cropping Up Everywhere

As this article lays out, free access to 3D game engines is becoming increasingly prevalent.

Crytek is joining the group with its CryEngine 3 platform, joining Unity and Epic (proprietors of Unreal) .  Unity Indie started the ball rolling late last year and the Unreal Development Kit quickly followed.

Each license differs in royalty rates, underlying source code access (generally, that’s off limits), and other parameters — but for non-profit and low-budget serious game and sim developers, full blown 3D environments are more available now than ever before.  Just a couple of years ago, Torque was the only low-cost option in the 3D space, and as we wrote End to End Game Development in early 2009, low-cost 3D development options were few and far between.  Now, we have a plethora of robust engines to choose from.

We’d love to hear about serious game and simulation projects being authored in these high-powered environments.


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